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Here a list with some of my jobs as freelancer journalist.

–Article about the new technologies for Bake On Line Magazine

–Article about the Quantum Levitation for Bake On Line Magazine

–Interview to the director of the newspaper L’Unione Sarda, who explains the importance of local news in the international background. Click here for pdf 

–Article about the Silicon Valley and the advice from the experts on how to create a new Valley around the world. Fro the newspaper UNIONE SARDA Click here for pdf

–Article about new technologies for Bake On Line Magazine

–My interview with fashion photographer Jason Setiawan for Bake On Line Magazine

–One of my interview with the great artist Andrew Kinsman for Bake On Line Magazine

–One of my articles about New Media for the Italian newspaper UNIONE SARDA. Click here for pdf

–My Italian review of the book “Storia del diritto minerario in Sardegna. Il caso Carbonia.” by Carlo Panio for the famous italian newspaper UNIONE SARDA. Click here for PDF

–My italian review of the book “Nata Nel Silenzio” for the famous newspaper UNIONE SARDAClick here for PDF

–My reportage about a Sardinian restaurant in Los Angeles for the famous newspaper UNIONE SARDAClick here for PDF

–My reportage on one of the most charismatic person and biggest adventurer that I have known throughout my life. Antonio Cores is a Spanish photographer who has lived with Pablo Picasso at his french house in 1966 because he won a trivial bet. The result was a magnificent photographic reportage. Cores also walked the Nile in Africa and lived in Sudan with the Nuba tribes, described by himself as the most beautiful people on hearth. They were subsequently exterminated. I heard his wonderful stories and create a reportage for UNIONE SARDAClick here for PDF

–My italian review of the beautiful book written by Luigi Pateri “Il nemico dentro”. The review was presented during the book release event and then published in the website of the famous publisher CUEC. The book is a very emotional set of stories about young people who left S.Antioco (my home island in Sardinia) during the Second War World: they were following a dream, defending an ideology, or just obeying orders. Unfortunately they all died fighting against an enemy who was speaking their same language (the book documents the internal war between fascists and “partigiani” in Italy in the 50′). Click here for link.

–My article about Brazil in an international travel blog. Click here for link

–My reflections about a very intense and dangerous experience in the middle of the sea, published in the blog of the italian champion of Hobie Cat 16, Antonello Ciabatti. (At the end of the page of the Sailing website) Click here for the link