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“Share More Love” !

“Share more love” is the name of a creative project launched by fashion photographer Jason Setiawan. Of Indonesian origin, born in the island of Java, he was influenced from the early years...

19 Mar
Cultural barriers in dating

Date. I guess it is because I am not American that I can’t fully understand this word. First of all, I never found a perfect translation for “date” in italian. The word “appuntamento” doesn’t...

18 Feb
Risking life at sea

My third time in hobie cat was during a race and yet it was an adventure. At the beginning of the week I had just learned some elementary concepts which I am still confused with. Skippers and sailors might...

02 Sep
Viajar. Small reflections

I’m in Mexico city, also called DF. The bus to the Teotihuacan pyramids is about to leave. Beside me a boy is singing a song with his beautiful Castilian-Mexican accent. I make a video, he smiles...

28 Aug
It is not a photo! It’s Andrew’s realism

“Are you a photographer?” I asked when, during an exhibition, I met him first. He was keeping a camera on his neck. “I am a painter and also musician. This camera might potentially shoot some inspiration...

25 Apr
maya bay
Tailandia, senza se ne ma

In modo simile a come immaginavo si formassero gli schemi mentali Kantiani, durante le ultime settimane mi é capitato si materializzasse in mente il concetto dell’insoddisfazione occidentale. Persa...

04 Feb
The financial crisis explained in a simple way

Recently, severals articles are talking about the very much discussed European financial crisis. It is not that easy to entertain all audiences with such an issue, as not all of us is dealing with finance,...

03 Nov
happy 2
Il cancro del pensiero

Diversi anni fa non sapevo tanto sulla fisica quantistica, nient’altro che un nome come un altro, ma in breve me ne sono appassionata e ho reinterpretato grazie ad essa la mia vita intera. Dopo essere...

27 Oct
watch out!

Oggi non lavoro per questo non ho messo la sveglia. Nel meglio del sonno mattutino, quando i sogni sono ancora coperti dal buon profumo delle lenzuola, il citofono inizia a suonare initerrottamente: prima...

05 Jul
Stonehenge is what we want it to be

Nobody agree about why Stonehenge was built, but yes, we all agree it was surely a really tough job. After almost 3 years living in the grey UK I finally decided to go to one of the most discussed places...

03 Jul
Santo Domingo Memories

What makes me remember those wonderful places is not even the amazing weather, not the sea, not the sweet big fruits. It’s all about smiles. Smiles of waiters, hotel receptionists, children in the...

29 Jun
grand central
Back to New York

Every time I was taking a plane from Sardinia to Rome my mum used to say: “leaving is a bit dying”. I never really understood what she ment though. After some more flights and cities experienced, I...

03 Mar
brazil for web
Trying an excuse to leave Europe: Brazil

   Two girls not completely satisfied of their life discussing how to make the most of the Easter break: “Is there a right place where to find inspiration for next step in life???”Japan, Turkey,...

07 Jul
Bye Bye spain

Cuando todavía no vivía en España creía firmamente en aquellos lugares comunes de los que normalmente nos gusta hablar. ¡Españoles e Italianos grandes Hermanos! ¿¿Qué significa?? …Que en...

15 Nov
Cara Italia

Ogni volta che ho lasciato qualcosa… ho perso anche l’idea originaria di ciò che stavo lasciando. Come se le nuove esperienze mi dessero nuovi occhi non solo per guardare il presente, ma per...

10 Jun

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