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After years I find again one of the best theories I have ever read. It’s from the book “Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Can’t Read Maps’“, an exhilarating explanatio n on how man & woman are very different in the way they think, feel, act & react.

Here are some of my favourite analogies from the animal kingdom and human behavior:

1) A rooster is a very randy male bird, which can copulate with hens almost incessantly, more than 60 times in a given mating. He cannot, however, mate with the same hen more than 5 times in one day.

By the sixth time, he completely loses interest & cannot ‘get it up’ but, if he is presented with a new hen, he can mount her with the same enthusiasm he did with the first.

This is known as the ‘Rooster Effect’.

2) A bull will lose interest after copulating 7 times with the same cow, but can be fired up again by the introduction of a new one. By the time he reaches the tenth new cow, he is still giving an impressive performance.

3) A ram will not mount the same ewe more than 5 times, but can continue to mount new ewes with tremendous zeal.

Even when the ram’s former sexual partners are disguised with perfume or bags over their heads, the ram still cannot perform. You just cannot fool them.

This is nature’s way of ensuring that the male’s seed is spread as widely as possible in order to achieve the highest number of conceptions & ensure the survival of that species.

4) A healthy young man can also go around 3 times with the same woman on a good day but will usually fail to give a fourth encore.

Introduce a new female however, &, like roosters & bulls, his interest (along with the vital part of his anatomy) can rapidly rise.”